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Natalie Yiu
Class of 2016
Nevertheless, these two academic years will be ‘no pain, no gain’. As has been said, "Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude." - Celestine Chua
Freddie Feng
Class of 2016
“Every choice has tradeoffs; strategy is contingent” (Managerial Economics), “To determine the mismatch between your strengths and opportunities and to leverage your strengths to reduce the mismatch” (Organizational Leadership), These are some of the valuable takeaways from the wealth of profound perception that I have gained from my MBA classes
Frantz Moudoute
Class of 2016
In terms of the MBA itself, the course is taught by a fantastic faculty, all of whom have solid credentials, and the diverse electives offered allow students to specialise in their chosen field.
Ivy Tan
Class of 2016
Having researched the available MBA courses in the market, I found that Hong Kong University offered exactly what I was looking for
Amy Pan
Class of 2016
“Those who achieve success are those who take a dream and make it come true”
Carina Leung
Class of 2016
Will a MBA degree help advance my career or boost my salary? It really doesn't matter! I believe what I gain will be much more than what I have paid
Peter Ngan
Class of 2016
HKU’s MBA is a programme that is tailored around China and Asia, regardless of its governance, regulatory requirements, actual case studies, interpretation of business law and contracts and actual field physics. All of this allowed me to develop  a better grasp of how everything is applied to the market in China and throughout Asia.
Kenji Yamamoto
Class of 2016
It was not only the contents of the classes which stimulated me. I also really enjoyed meeting other classmates, with their different nationalities and backgrounds
Willis Chan
Class of 2016
HKU MBA helps me to achieve a work, study and life balance
Maggie Ying
Class of 2016
The HKU MBA programme has proved essential in helping me broaden the scope of my knowledge and setting me on a wider professional path