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Ronald Leung
Class of 2018
HKU MBA has strong rankings and word of mouth reputation from the senior management of listed companies, financial institutions and multinational corporations that I was personally engaged with
Edmund Wa
Class of 2018
As a part time student doing a full time job, it’s difficult to strike a life balance, but with all the teamwork, collaboration and, most importantly, the fun we have enjoyed throughout the programme, all the effort I have put in has been made worthwhile
Giuliana Auinger
Class of 2017
The HKU MBA experience was a fantastic one and it helped me both professionally and personally.
Terrence Hui
Class of 2017
I had a fantastic experience studying at HKU Business School; it was the best journey of my life by far. I met a lot of people from different industries, backgrounds and cultures and I learnt a lot from all of them.
Rebecca Chu
Class of 2017
HKU MBA helps me to expand my business and personal network to other industries’ sectors
Richard Green
Class of 2017
I decided to embark upon the HKU MBA as I had a desire to further my professional aptitude in an environment that requires the individual to step out of his comfort zone and to take on other perspectives and chains of thought
Diana Chan
Class of 2017
Pursuing an MBA at HKU further advanced my business knowledge for strategic thinking and management capacity
Serge Kisin
Class of 2017
The HKU MBA community has brought together an exceptional selection of warm-hearted, high calibre individuals with whom I’ve had the pleasure of creating life-long relationships
Vivian Cheung
Class of 2017
I chose the part-time MBA programme at HKU because it gives me great flexibility to balance a work-study life, allowing me to pursue my studies while living and working in this vibrant city
Cristian Costoiu
Class of 2017
The reason I chose HKU over other universities in Hong Kong was because it is globally recognised, in a convenient location, had the option of the weekday mode and the curriculum was very good.