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Samson Poon
Class of 2014
I was not only obtaining academic knowledge from HKU MBA classes, but also expanding my human network and creating friendships that would have positive impacts on my ongoing journey
Melody Wei
Class of 2014
The investment of time and money in MBA is well worth it
Crystal Ng
Class of 2014
HKU MBA was the best experience of my life. Aside from acquiring business knowledge from professors who are leading experts in their fields, the thing I value the most was the chance to expand my network and gain a group of lifelong friends.
Eunice Kim
Class of 2014
For me, studying for an MBA was not just about getting good grades. More importantly, it was about learning how to lead, how to influence, and how to connect with people.
Eric Chu
Class of 2014
HKU was the perfect environment in that regard, and has so far helped me to gain not only an Asian and global perspective, but the management skills and values necessary to excel in my current position and pursue the career path that I envision for my future
Taylor Mathis
Class of 2014
I see the MBA programme as an opportunity to launch a new career trajectory but also as an opportunity to change the way I think about and see the world
Steven Lee
Class of 2014
The HKU MBA manages to increase my learning and application of Western theories on management and strategy. This prepared me for an ever more interconnected business world
Jonathan To
Class of 2014
This element of the programme is just as important a contribution to our personal development as the classes themselves
Eric Wan
Class of 2014
I chose the HKU MBA because HKU is a renowned university with a 100-year history and a powerful alumni network
Banly Chuang
Class of 2014
I am proud to be part of the HKU MBA programme, as I believe it is definitely an experience that will last me a lifetime