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Mari Kuchinshi
Class of 2018
MBA is my first experience of international teaching methods as well as about learning business from scratch
David Oberlander
Class of 2018
To better prepare myself for what lies ahead, I decided to take the initiative on self-improvement and applied for the part-time MBA programme at HKU. Without a doubt, it was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made
Noel Shih
Class of 2018
By taking the MBA programme at HKU, I am open to many talented and experienced individuals who have the potential to become my future business partners
William Wong
Class of 2018
I decided to embark on my MBA because I wanted to not only broaden my business knowledge but also grow a broader network
Youling Guo
Class of 2018
To pursue a healthcare-focused business career, the MBA programme is a perfect curriculum and HKU is a natural choice for me
Nicole Jiang
Class of 2018
I am constantly inspired by the interesting yet practical courses and the incredible network built by the HKU MBA faculty and fellow classmates from a wide spread of industries
Paul Howard
Class of 2018
The students at HKU come from a variety of industries and having the ability to interact with such a diverse group is one of the differentiators of the MBA
Lawrence Kong
Class of 2018
The HKU MBA programme was an obvious choice for me as it is one of the top ranked in Asia and world-wide, as well as having a programme flexibility that allows me to achieve a balance of study, work and family life
Jungwhan Cho
Class of 2018
I have found that the HKU part time programme is the best fit for me. From the first class, I was reassured beyond doubt that this opportunity would allow me to move on from my current status
Rachel Lee
Class of 2018
Apart from furthering strategic thinking and management capabilities, I was looking for a MBA programme that offers a network of students and alumni from all walks of life