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Anurag Goyal
Class of 2017
I too worked through the process which, along with HKU MBA course (plus Career Development and Training), gave me an opportunity to become an intern in the digital marketing industry which helped to improve my knowledge and also developed my network in the Hong Kong market
Priyank Gandhi
Class of 2017
In terms of the global financial industry, Hong Kong is the leader in financial services in Asia. This along with the fact that HKU has the number one ranking in Asia were the deciding factors for me in the end.
Isabel He
Class of 2017
I really appreciate the great help from the teams of MBA Admin and Career Development and Training; they have been my greatest support
Komal Shah
Class of 2017
During the HKU MBA, I learned a lot inside and outside the classroom. The small class size helped me create a strong bond with peers from diverse work and personal backgrounds and cultures from around the world, who brought different viewpoints to class
Rosa Yoon
Class of 2017
The HKU MBA with its geographic location in Hong Kong as a hub of Asia provided me with a variety of international business cases and a network. This exposure to a variety of global environments was an opportunity for me to broaden my thinking
Akshay Rao
Class of 2017
The MBA journey through Beijing, London and Hong Kong provided great exposure to the cultural intricacies of each location and how business is managed from each location
Narumi Hashimoto
Class of 2017
At HKU MBA, I experienced a lot of new things every day. My classmates came from all over the world, including but not limited to, mainland China, India, the United States and Germany. This environment led me develop leadership skills with future business leaders in Asia
Helena Xu
Class of 2017
Now looking back on my MBA experience, I am able to say without doubt that it was an enriching adventure and a thoroughly exciting journey
Anupriya Goswami
Class of 2017
Popular opinion is that it is easy to change either your function or industry through an MBA but difficult to change both. After I joined the MBA programme, I realised that the challenge was bigger than I had expected
Eiji Soma
Class of 2017
My overall experience of the HKU MBA was fantastic. The people in the school were so nice; not just the faculty, Career Services team, and mentors, but my classmates.