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Edmond Chan
Class of 2013
Having an MBA tag requires a substantial investment of time, yet it is worthwhile because it is truly beneficial to my career
Stephanie Kwan
Class of 2013
HKU MBA programme has brought me broader skills and offered the chance of extensive networking
Hisashi Nagato
Class of 2013
While it is no doubt the academic expertise acquired at HKU MBA has formed such a capacity, my perspective and belief supporting them have come with overall experiences through a lot of discussions and workshops with classmates from diversified background
Patrick Chung
Class of 2013
I love HKU because of its well-designed curriculum, high reputation and big alumni network.
Peggy Kwok
Class of 2013
Going into my seventh years after obtaining my MBA, I still feel its tangible benefits in my current role as Senior Manager of StartmeupHK at Invest Hong Kong, a Hong Kong government department responsible for foreign direct investment
Emily Io
Class of 2013
The HKU MBA programme, which is ranked No. 1 in Asia, has proved essential in helping me to broaden the scale of my knowledge scope and giving me access to a wider professional path
Ashis Ganguly
Class of 2013
The HKU MBA has thus far been a wonderful experience. It is certainly a matter of pride to be part of Asia’s top-ranked MBA programme
Gunjit Chopra
Class of 2013
Through the diverse exposures gained through HKU MBA, I had a solid platform from which to successfully change my career from Information Technology to Supply Chain Management
Christine Chow
Class of 2013
I believe the guidance I received from HKU MBA Career Development and Training during the job hunting process helped me develop the key skills required to succeed and such skills still resonate with me today
Erick Pan
Class of 2013
HKU MBA has helped me tremendously in terms of expanding business horizons, upgrading academic and professional competencies and most importantly, meeting professors, professionals, industry leaders and true friends