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Elizabeth Stevenson
Class of 2014
My career transition was made possible through strategic networking. I did not blanket companies with applications but rather focused on developing relationships which could lead to more impactful and productive use of my time
Neha Agarwal
Class of 2014
My decision to do an MBA from HKU was truly a life changing one. I chose courses which would enhance my knowledge of the Chinese market and the Career Development and Training team equipped me with the tools required for me to be noticed by companies in Hong Kong
Wade Qin
Class of 2014
I have really appreciated the MBA experience in HKU. The systematic and insightful lectures greatly helped me understand the kernels of finance, management and marketing
Alice Yoon
Class of 2014
HKU MBA Career Development and Training provided a personalised consultation, encouraged me to pursue alumni networking, take online evisor lectures, and share my updates which, all together, helped me find my way on to my next career
Duncan Yip
Class of 2014
Graduating from the HKU MBA programme has certainly opened many doors for me and allowed me to choose a career path that fits my aspirations
Daniel Baumann
Class of 2014
The content of the courses and the people I met during my MBA journey definitely equipped me to strive and further develop in the business
Gisheilla Costa
Class of 2014
Post MBA, I joined a graduate programme (Account Manager) at Cisco Systems in Singapore. This was a desirable career change for me as I wanted to move from a technical role to a more business role
Wenjing Li
Class of 2014
From country perspective to regional view, I enjoyed amazing experiences not only in classes but also from time to time in communications with various well-known organizations, industrial leaders and passionate colleagues during HKU MBA life
Jimmy Shao
Class of 2014
When I first joined the MBA class of 2013 here at HKU, I expected to break into Asset Management or Banking. After closely working with the Career Development and Training, I was given opportunities to visit companies of interest and to network with the professionals in the industry
Varun R Thakur
Class of 2014
I entered the HKU MBA with the intention of moving into tech-marketing